What Are The Top Five Dangers For Teen Drivers?

Teen Drivers

Teens can go through Nevada drivers ED and pass their final driving test with flying colors but does that make them a perfect driver? Unfortunately no-one is a perfect driver and there are constant risks on the road in today’s fast-paced world. Parents are of course extremely worried and they don’t want to see anything happen to their children. What are the five top dangers for a teen driver to be concerned with today? Read on, you might be surprised with what you find.

Going Over the Speed Limit

For most drivers, they are pretty careful when it comes to being out on the road, even teens; then again, there are others who really don’t give a damn about the laws of the road. There are thousands of drivers, teens and older drivers, who are tempted to drive a little faster than what they should. Speeding is really a big issue for thousands and the problem is most drivers think they’ll get away with it. However, all it takes is for one car up ahead to suddenly pull their emergency break and for the vehicle behind it to crash into it causing a fatality. Instead, teens should be encouraged to stay within the speed limits and to ensure everyone is belted up. Drivers ED Nevada tutors will drill this into drivers and for good reason too.

Inexperience Causes Accidents

One of the biggest dangers to teen drivers has to be their inexperience. Anyone can go through Nevada drivers ED but that doesn’t mean to say they are fully aware of real road conditions. Learning from a book is one thing but being out on the road by yourself for the first time is something else. Teens have accidents more so than others as they aren’t experienced enough and don’t think about driving cautiously. Learner drivers need to stick closer to home and have experience on quieter roads before moving onto busier ones.

Carrying One Too Many Passengers

Depending on the type of vehicle, new drivers and teens really should only have one or two people with them at one time. This might sound stupid but the problem is the driver isn’t experienced enough and while they gain experience driving, they potentially put others at risk. However, many teens think they can cram dozens of people into one vehicle and a five passenger car turns into an eight passenger one. Having those three extra people causes alarm, not only because they don’t have a seat belt but because they are a distraction. Drivers ED Nevada may not go into specifics about having the right number of people in your vehicle at one time but it’s something most should know.


This can happen to any driver. When someone has been studying all day or worked all day and have generally been unable to sleep recently, they are potentially at risk from falling asleep at the wheel. Most new drivers think it’s only those who’ve drunk alcohol who are at risk of falling asleep at the wheel but in all honesty anyone can. It might be lack of sleep or insufficient sleep that causes them to sleep. Most Nevada drivers ED classes will say when you feel tired, stop and step away from the wheel. If you don’t, you put others at risk. This is certainly an issue for many teens.

Distracted By Their Smart Phones

From texting to talking on the phone whilst driving, drivers are needlessly putting themselves in danger. Smart phones are causing a lot of accidents because drivers, teens and older drivers pick up their phones or text whilst behind the wheel. That is crazy and very risk to say the least. Drivers ED Nevada classes are needed for those who think it’s OK to text or talk on a phone when driving. This will cause an accident.

There Are Risks So Get Educated

It doesn’t matter if someone has passed their driving test, they may not be a safe driver. There are lots of dangers on the road and if a teen uses their phone or is too tired to get behind the wheel, they’re going to kill someone. It might seem like harsh words but it’s possible and that is why every teen and indeed, every driver, must be very cautious before taking to the roads. Nevada drivers ED is important, never forget it. Visit: http://igottadrive.com/nevada-drivers-ed

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