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Student Driver Signs and Other Tips for Learning to Drive Safely

There is a point in most young adult lives when they will need to learn how to drive. Teenagers know when they want to get behind the wheel, but it is important they understand when it is the best time to learn how to drive, and getting the right instruction from professionals like Drivers EdNevada.

While driving can be exhilarating, more often than we like to think, it can be deadly. Young drivers, just starting out, need to know what it means to practice safe driving habits; and maintain a constant positive attitude while behind the wheel for the first time. For most people, young and older, the number one cause of vehicle fatalities is distractions while driving. According to Drivers EdNevada, most drivers feel they understand what it means to drive safe. However, professional instructors can point out facts for improper driving. The inside of the vehicle is a hotbed for distractions – passenger conversation,the radio, and especially mobile phones, claim lives every day. Maintaining the ability to make proper driving tasks means to limit the driver’s distractions. While it is fine to listen to the radio while driving or having a conversation with a passenger, the driver must know the limits of the distraction and have the ability to control their environment.

Weather is an outside distraction that is uncontrollable. Drivers need to know their limits when it comes impossible to drive safely in certain weather conditions. Heavy rain, hail, snow, can make it hard for drivers of any age. Traffic can be taxing for everyone. It is important to know other drivers feel as much exasperation as you do when it comes to getting stuck in traffic. Take the time to find out when you are at saturation point for traffic because aggressive driving is dangerous for everyone.

When handling the steering wheel, a good rule to follow is having a comfortable and relaxed grip. Many people have a habit of driving with their hands at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. While that used to be the proper training for young drivers, we now know that relaxed grip from 9 or 8 o’clock and 3 or 4 o’clock allows the arms to be relaxed while driving. We have learned that relaxed driving allows the muscles to respond faster than tense muscles. The old way made the arms remain tense most of the time.

While it is imperative to learn with professionals like Drivers EdNevada, it is important to benefit from practical experience too. Focusing on the outside means to make sure the mobile phone is not available, or the driver has ‘hands-free’ capabilities. When you drive with one hand, you are losing about 37% of your brain’s ability to focus on the road. It takes about three seconds to avoid a road hazard and those three seconds glancing at the mobile phone will cost lives and possibly get you put in jail. Student drivers need praise more than scolding. If there is something wrong with their driving, try using a corrective manner that will not stress the driver more. When there is a hazard, make sure to give enough time for proper instruction instead of abrupt actions. For more information, or to improve your skills contact Drivers EdNevada today.

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